Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've mentioned before that Tomi is a busy, active little creature. He's also got a radar for trouble: leave him alone for five minutes and you can be sure that he'll find some trouble to get into. Now, every kid explores their environment and sometimes gets into things they're not supposed to. It's how they learn! But Mr. Tomio has a knack for damage, mess, and off-limit items. He's also learned early that if I can't see him, I can't stop him!

Enter: The Informer. Aili tends to be a rule-follower. She's good at entertaining herself, and for the most part she doesn't get into thing she shouldn't. So when Tomi breaks known rules - or investigates something he shouldn't be touching - Aili is right there, to keep me up-to-date on all the goings-on. She's saved some fragile things from being manhandled, and prevented some substantial messes. It's helpful, but can start to get annoying, because it can sometimes turn into a running commentary on every. little. thing. he. does. And then I have to respond to every. little. thing. he. does, or otherwise I'm indirectly condoning bad behaviour. Sometimes I *want* to overlook it, you know?

Plus, no one likes a tattletale. Other kids don't want to play with one. She expects my constant intervention and wants me to get after him every time he pushes/hits/steals a toy, or breaks any rule, however small. The spirit of her intention is good, but it gets to be ANNOYING.

Anyone have any suggestions? Do I push back against the tattling because it's unappealing and annoying? Do I tolerate it because the intention is good and because it's saving our things from mess and destruction? Thoughts and wisdom would be appreciated!

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Lorraine Meltzer said...

She's being the older child. They have that "I'll take care of the world" attitude. (Speaking as the oldest child in my family. I used to drive my sister nuts!)