Monday, May 23, 2011


The other day we ventured into the city of Cambridge for the first time, and were overwhelmed by its loveliness. First of all, the city has established several 'park 'n' rides' around the perimeter of the city; huge lots where you can park for FREE. There are very inexpensive buses that go from the park 'n' ride to the city centre every ten minutes. We were impressed that Cambridge is working to reduce car traffic in the city centre to facilitate a walking/bus/cycling environment.
The 'University of Cambridge' as actually an umbrella for thirty one different colleges within the city. THIRTY ONE. That's a whole lot of students in one city. Must be a real party town!  As with nearly everything else we've encountered, most of the colleges have been up and running since before Canada was even discovered. Reading a list of alumni is like a summary of all those important guys you learned about in science class in high school. And because they're so old, they're visually spectacular.

It was one of those days I wished I was a better photographer, because I just couldn't capture the loveliness of the city. So here are some photos, but I apologize in advance that they don't portray the majesty of the city.
Also, for most of them I can't remember which college/institution/building it was, so you'll have to live without. Or look it up. Or make it up.
Forgive me if I've mislabeled or overlooked an important edifice.

First: my wee Peanut has a fondness for buses. So imagine her thrill at riding a double-decker for the first time! Bonus: it was 'pacific' blue. Life could only have gotten better if it was green AND pacific blue.

  Juxtaposition of extremes. 
Background: spectacular 15th century church. 
Foreground: "Mobile Phone Unlocking & Repair".

Who needs their cheese refrigerated? 

 I don't even know how you'd choose. *drool*

 Stained glass in St. Mary's Church.

 King's College.

  Forgive my exploding heart.

 Enchanting alleyway. 

This is the single nicest McDonald's I have ever seen. And yes, in a country with centuries of history and culture, we let them eat 'baby burgers' at McDonald's. Shush.

Impossible to walk past an Apple store without my nerdy (but adorable) husband needing to go in and play with the toys. As though an iPad in England is any different than the one in our living room.
But ...  guess who stole the iPhone4 right out of his hands?

 She's like a one-girl commercial. She will accept payment in the form of Apple products.

Even tiny fat fingers can get into this game!

Unfortunately our visit was quite short (toddler naps supercede tourism!) - but we'll be back. There is so much more to see!

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ebbandflo said...

Mmm Cambridge! My grandfather was at Christs and I tried to follow in his footsteps (unsuccessfully). It is an amazing city.