Thursday, June 14, 2012

Relaxed Evening

 Taco salad, anyone?

The last few nights we've continued our family tradition of going for an evening stroll after supper. Two nights ago, we were taken aback by the very enthusiastic mosquito population. Holy mosquito bites Batman. I guess we are surrounded by swamps on all sides!
So last night I drenched the kids and I in bug spray, which worked like a charm. Johnny doesn't like chemicals, lotions, or sprays, so he opted to 'tough it out'.  Deprived of four victims, the mosquitoes went after him with quadruple enthusiasm! We don't really know how people spend any time outside in the evenings without using gallons of bug spray. That CANNOT be good for you!

Anyway, tonight we enjoyed the back porch. For some reason when the fans are on, it seems to stay relatively bug-free. I must say that of all this big, beautiful house, my favourite spot is the loveseat out there. It gets warm but not too hot, protected from the sun, protected from the bugs. It's super comfy and has a great view. Every afternoon I go out there while the kids are watching their daily allotment of Backyardigans to read and snooze. It is so comfy, and so lovely.

 Johnny trying out my favourite spot. Now doesn't that look comfy?

 My little doll...

 ... and the little dude, practicing his fake camera smile.

 Now tell me she isn't her mama's girl - - - reading a local real estate magazine!!

 Monkey see, monkey do.

 Johnny and Tomio checking out the backyard. 
What you cannot see is the 20387730 mosquitos currently attacking them.

My handsome boys! Be still my heart.

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muso said...

Your mosquito story reminds me of local North Shore Mountains, particularly Seymour. A few times there I thought I'd be eaten to death by them.
Can you email me your location? I'll check the surrounding areas by Google Map.
Keep posting!