Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little Scamps

Moms of little children: commiserate with me here. Because trying to take good pictures of our children is difficult, isn't it? Not only are they moving all the time, and there are often several children you have to wrangle, but they hit an age when they think it's more fun to make silly faces than actually smile. And then you're stuck with 2038 blurry shots, 849 stupid faces, 72 of one child looking great and the other one blurry or hamming it up or drooling, and nothing useful for your blog. Right? RIGHT???

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are some of the (many many many) I have rejected over the past few weeks. I hope you can see why.

 Joker + cute. 

 Joker + crazy lady.

 Showing off an ice cream goatee.

 Creepy maniacal laugh.

Fake open-mouth smile.

 Staring off into space + fake smile.

 Toddler belly + crazy lady again.

Photo hijacker. 

Smile = tongue.

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muso said...

How was the storm affecting your area?